• “I have been seeing Grace for 4 years but I wish I had been in counseling with her 20 years ago! She has helped me clarify exactly how I feel and has helped me to learn how to express that clarity to others, especially the ones I love most. Her ability to listen deeply without judgment and her unwavering support and guidance have changed the direction of my life to a much more healthier one!"
    "Grace does not assume that she has the answers I am looking for. Her strength is in gently assisting me along the process, validating my feelings as we go along together and recognizing the areas in which I get stuck." 
    "Grace can easily recognize pain. She provides a safe therapeutic environment for its expression."
    “Working with Grace has helped me to resolve old childhood wounds, improve my relationships within my immediate family and align my heart with my head.”

    -Female Client of 4 years

  • “Very simply, Grace is a gift. Everyone should be fortunate enough to find a caretaker for their minds like her.”
    “Walking into her space gives me a sense of calm and peace. She and her environment are warm, welcoming, and comforting, making me feel very safe just being there.”
    “Grace has helped me to find my way through a difficult professional situation that was affecting my personal life. She did this by listening fully and genuinely to my feelings and provided timely, thoughtful advice.”
    “Grace’s advice has been positively influenced by her wide breadth of life experience and high level of intelligence. She is able to call on her own background to find pieces of wisdom that help her clients.”
    “In both a verbal and non-verbal way, Grace conveys sincere non-judgmental interest in everything I share. Her genuine curiosity has helped me to get to the next step.”

    -Female client with professional life issue

  • “After being introduced to Grace through a mutual friend, I have worked with her for over 2 years. Even during our very first meeting, I found her to possess a comforting presence that immediately evoked a feeling of comfort in me which has remained throughout our relationship.”
    “Grace’s ‘no lose’ attitude has helped me to see a multitude of alternate options to any difficult situations I have faced. She has helped me to plan to be successful and realize that there is always a way to figure things out.”
    “All good leaders have the ability to maintain a sense of calm in times of crisis. Grace’s unshakeable, patient demeanor and complete faith in me has given me the confidence to carry on through my personal challenges and to see them as opportunities for growth.”

    -Male client of 2 years

  • We turned the skin inside out and found the boils that were packed with pain, that hadn’t seen the light of life within their human darkness. Exposed at last, they burst, releasing years of grief and loss in a torrent of gasping still life paintings and blood-stained voices. As the ghastly drainage thinned, a figure appeared I’d known before these many years with eyes that saw from mountaintops and feet that walked along the top of a young man’s universe.

    May 2, 2014


  • The Rose Garden Portland, Oregon

    “After having met Grace almost 20 years ago when I was her student in the nursing program, I inquired if she could help me as a client. I had never dealt with issues of childhood abuse but with my high degree of trust in Grace, I felt she could work with me to start my healing process. Her use of Carl Rogers modalities focusing on love, support, caring, and listening were perfect for me and she gave me a chance to start being a whole person even at the age of 50! In a nutshell, Grace Harlow Klein saved my life.”

    -Female client

  • “I found my way to Grace after my daughter was murdered. Her husband was still alive at that time but passed a short time after we began working together. The grieving we were able to experience together was very genuine and allowed me to learn how to break free from the grief wrapped around me. Grace has helped me come to terms with living a life that is therapeutic for me. I have gotten more out of my time with Grace than with any other therapists I have seen. I believe this is due to her different style of counseling where she gently leads me to exactly where I need to go. She is truly miraculous.”

    -Female client for almost 4 years

  • “I am a musician with stage fright that Grace is helping me work through. Her support is boundless and she never runs out of new things to try to help me. She even comes to my practice sessions, showing me her unending support. Previously, I was a client of Grace’s late husband, Armin. When he died, I began working with Grace and during that time, she showed me how to grieve yet celebrate life in such an amazing way. As a new empty nester, Grace has given me many inspiring suggestions to jump-start my own life now that my children are gone. Her sense of knowing what will be dynamic and interesting for me to try is a rare gift.”

    -Female client for close to 5 years

  • “Going to Grace for couples counseling has helped solidify our marriage. She has taught us how to work things out as a couple and shown us how to navigate issues as a united team. Each day I love my husband more and more and I know Grace’s guidance has a great deal to do with that.”

    -Female client seeing Grace in couples therapy for 5 years

  • I have been seeing Grace over a period of about fourteen years. Perhaps more than anything, she has helped me find and release the person I locked away in solitary many years ago. The cell was located in a place I could not have found on my own had I even realized it existed. Most incredibly, she has so patiently worked at reintroducing me to that person, the one I longed to know without knowing he existed.
    Grace's style is as non-threatening as walking through a rose garden, discovering colors, textures and fragrances; not to say that the discovery or awakening process cannot be intense. Her style exudes wisdom, patience, strength and timing. Her listening skills adroitly function simultaneously on multiple levels. She hears what I hear myself saying, and she hears what I have no idea I just said. Then, when the timing is right, she takes me to the next place she wants me to see. Her approach is a journey of compassion, understanding, wisdom, and self-realization.

    Grace is not the kind of person one wants to miss knowing. Certainly she is one of the finest human beings I have known. Integral, compassionate, empathic, intellectually brilliant, transparent, patient, persevering, and creative are some of the adjectives that first come to mind. It is precisely because of these and similar personality traits that Grace is such an effective therapist.

    -Male client