• The Center for Human Encouragement is located on one of the most beautiful streets in Rochester. 15 Arnold Park is a warm and inviting home for our Center.

    My garden is an expression of my sense that beauty is human encouragement - a living, changing process.

    Here, we create a relationship where you can share the struggles in your life, connect with your feelings, and find your voice.

    The center is a place of privacy, comfort, warmth, and beauty, a place of healing, connection and growth.

  • "Grace's style is as non-threatening as walking through a rose garden, discovering colors, textures and fragrances; not to say that the discovery or awakening process cannot be intense. Her style exudes wisdom, patience, strength and timing. Her listening skills adroitly function simultaneously on multiple levels. She hears what I hear myself saying, and she hears what I have no idea I just said. Then, when the timing is right, she takes me to the next place she wants me to see. Her approach is a journey of compassion, understanding, wisdom, and self-realization." ~ Grace's Client

  • “Life isn’t about finding ourselves, it is about creating ourselves.” - George Bernard Shaw

    If your life isn’t working or you have lost touch with parts of yourself, leaving you feeling confused, depressed, lonely, I can help you.

    Psychotherapy is a process of exploration and growth, of connecting with your feelings and finding your voice to create the life and relationships you want.

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  • "There is only one happiness in this life... to love and be loved." - George Sand

    The search for love and connection is a driving force in our lives.

    I help you individually and as a couple to create clarity of where you are. Sharing from this open place can lead to resolution of issues, increased closeness and intimacy - even happiness! 

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  • There has been a driving force in me for growth, love and connection since long before I recognized it. I was just me getting on  with life and reaching for it. 

    I am grateful for my parents and grandparents to whom I was special, creating that sense of myself. "I can do it for myself," was my father's recollection of me when I was young.

    I will see that driving force in you and help you embrace it. 



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  • In creating every aspect of our lives we have to use our voice to speak with others – in relationships, at work, to accomplish what we want.

    Powerful emotions or feelings often lie beneath the surface influencing us – without our awareness, blocking our voice.

    As you share with me in therapy, you lay a foundation for finding and using your voice.

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  • Grief is a difficult and lonely, often
    all-consuming process, especially if we are alone or not connecting with others in our world.

    If you are suffering a loss in your life, I can be with you as you find your way through.

    I know deeply the impact of loss, the absence of language to express it, and the way that grief becomes a driving force for growth and empathy.


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  • "...Even during our very first meeting, I found her to possess a comforting presence that immediately evoked a feeling of comfort in me..."

    "Grace can easily recognize pain. She provides a safe therapeutic environment for its expression."

    “Grace’s advice has been positively influenced by her wide breadth of life experience...”

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  • In therapy with Grace, you will become your most authentic self, centered, grounded - connected to your voice.

    You will find purpose for your life and make the relationships you want.

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