• I wrote my first prose poem in the aftermath and death of my father,

    “What Have We Done to Him?” Five years later, my mother died in just twenty-two days after the diagnosis of metastatic cancer.

    Combined with events in my professional life, I began to write a stream of poems, maybe two hundred, on the themes of death, loss, transition, and change. Eventually they were published as books on the samethemes. I had established a pattern of writing about events in my life and began to play with the idea of writing a memoir. In an emotional crisis when I was thirty-two, I began a process to answer the question of the book title, along with other questions. I was unhappy in the midst of accomplishments beyond what I ever imagined, and I had no idea how to even think about it. In my studies in human development and in extended experiences in psychotherapy, I sought to understand how I had become the person that I was.

    Two years ago, with encouragement from Sheila Kennedy, I began to seriously address writing my memoir. It has been a consistent part of my journey to remember events, feelings, be open to changing meanings I had assigned to events, in other words, a growthful, sometimes painful process in itself.

    My memoir is the story of my journey, my life experiences, the drive in me that has propelled me forward all the years of my life. And it is the story of my life relationships, the love affair of my life which began when I was forty-five and met Armin Klein. It is also the pathway of my life’s work as a nurse, a professor and administrator that brought me to my work as a psychotherapist, now twenty-five years ago in our Center for Human Encouragement. The memoir is not just about me; the “We” in the title is meant to convey the universal drive to understand our self, our life’s journey to create a meaningful life.

  • How Do We Become the Person That We Are: Creating a Life - Author signed copies

    By Grace Harlow Klein

    $24.95 + S&H


  • The Colors of Grief

    By Grace Harlow Klein

    $22.99 + S&H




    Grace's writing moves swiftly between distant past and more recent memories - remembering initial sparks and the first blush of love, through years shared as an inseparable couple, creating a family together - and back to the present biting moment and the awareness of the pain of her loss, how much grief continues to hurts...

    The Colors of Grief resonates with deep feeling and awareness. It is essential reading for understanding love and profound loss.

    -Robyn York, Artist & Graphic Designer

  • Loss, Transition and Kaleidoscope:
    A trilogy of loss and recovery to a new life.

    By Grace Harlow Klein

    All 3 books for $50

  • Up North, in the Wild Orchid Country



    Alan P. Smith




    Words of Praise for Up North, in the Wild Orchid Country

    In his poetry, Alan P. Smith uses his gift of words to reflect on his life - as he knows he is coming to its end.  The pain and losses are intermingled with the joys he found in the woods, with his dogs, with the blond Dutch girl and on the shores of Lake Superior - up north in the wild orchid country.

    His voice is raw with emotion, with memory of people and events in his life.  It is also a voice of hopefulness - that there will be time to go fishing another day - somewhere.

    Grace Harlow Klein, Ph.D.

  • Transition: The Space Between


    By Grace Harlow Klein


    $24.95 USD

    Catalog # GHP003
    181 pages, color, softcover, 2015
    ISBN: 978-0-9800035-2-9


    In Praise of Grace Harlow Klein's Latest book of Poetry, Transition: The Space Between.

    Grace Shares not only her journey of being and becoming, but her photography and art to draw the reader deeper into the prose. Despite the pain, loss, grief, there is an underpinning of hope throughout the prose.

    Thomas W. Connelly, Jr. Ph.D., RN


    In the most unfettered expression, Grace Harlow Klein envelopes the reader in the depths of her loves, agony, loss, frustrations and personal growth. Her emergence from the mud and clay with strength, clarify, hope, conviction, direction and purpose is testimony once again that greatness is born out of our most darkest hours.

    Nomvuyo Mahlangu Ph.D., RN


  • Kaleidoscope: My Changing World

    By Grace Harlow Klein




    330 pages, color, softcover
    ISBN: 978-0-9800034-3-6


    In Kaleidoscope, Grace Harlow Klein shares the moments of her life that have fashioned the creation of her sense of self. Like a kaleidoscope, pieces of broken glass converge to provide the viewer with a cascade of colors and images, always changing and unique to the viewer.

    Grace Harlow Klein's life events are expressed in prose, photographs and her art. Together the convergence of these expressions invited me, as I hope they do for you, to enter into her experiences with feelings of loss, grief and hope. Relationships, life events and the journeys of discovery are shared and when put together create a kaleidoscope of her world view.

    I invite you to examine the pieces of your life that when put together create the beauty and wonder that abide within you, like a kaleidoscope!

    Thomas w. Connelly, Jr. Ph.D., RN

  • A Bridge of Returning: An Empowering Journey


    By Grace Harlow Klein 


    $19.95 USD

    Catalog # GHP003
    95 pages, 6"x9", color, softcover, 2010
    ISBN: 978-0-9800035-0-5

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    In praise of Grace Harlow Klein’s
    latest book of poetry, Bridge of Returning:

    “In a touching family remembrance, Grace adeptly balances life and death. Finding her voice, she illuminates how both kind and piercing, provincial and transcendent, damaging and empowering the experience of loss can be. The journey demonstrates how her life-long practice of empathy and courage for others as a nurse, psychotherapist, educator, and dean powerfully evokes the intimate nature of not only her own, but indeed all of our lives’ loves and losses. She somehow manages to trail blaze and offer a glacial poignance through the experience of both life and death.”

    Jeffrey H. D. Cornelius-White, PsyD, LPC

    “...The collection is a touching gift, the poems providing richness and hope to each of us as we navigate our lives…Vividly important at any age, and a ‘must read’ for mid- and later life reflections.”

    Lois K. Evans, PhD, RN, FAAN

    Published by The Person Centered Press

  • Loss: A Personal Journey of Empowerment

    By Grace Harlow Klein


    $19.95 USD

    Catalog # GHP003
    100 pages, 6"x9", color, softcover, 2010

    Advance praise for
    Loss: A Personal Journey of Empowerment


    “...Reading Loss: A Personal Journey of Empowerment is to enter the powerful impact of a long journey from the darkest cave dwellings to the discovery of a pinpoint of daylight – and where hope leads to epiphany.”
    Kerry Moustakas, PhD

    “In an artistic, eloquent blend of poetry, photography, and raw truth, Grace Harlow Klein confronts a devastating fracture in her carefully wrought life and shares her slow-but-sure struggle back to health and creativity...”
    Peggy Natiello, PhD

  • Remembering Junie - Prose Poetry


    By Grace Harlow Klein

    $9.95 USD

    Catalog # GHP001
    36 pages, 6"x9", color, softcover, 2007
    ISBN: 978-0-9800035-0-5

  • Songs of Livng


     Poetry By Armin Klein

    $19.95 USD

    Catalog # CFHE 001
    84 pages, 5 1/2"x8 1/2", b&w, softcover, 2000
    ISBN: 1-929342-17-9

    Now I understand!

    Now I can feel the love you have for an ocean
    poetryCrashing on the beaches of our world,
    The nurturance you feel when you visit them and
    poetryYou are one with them.

    Excerpt from: Your Gift to Me in Nantucket
    Songs of Living
    by Armin Klein

    In praise of Armin Klein’s
    book of poetry, Songs of Living

    Armin brings the process of growth out from behind closed doors of the therapist, making it more available and understandable for those interested in seeking it for themselves. He exposes human reasons for unhappiness and translates them into a positive life-enhancing force present within us all.

    Sometimes humorous, often serious, through love, loss, friendship and death, and his own aging, Armin returns again and again to his feelings and the world of his own experience to define himself. He explores, through his relationships, the powerful impact of connection with others as the ultimate encounter with himself.

  • When We Beat This Thing


    By Richard Horrworth

    $19.95 USD

    Catalog # GHP004
    188 pages, 6"x9", color, softcover, 2011

    Advance praise for

    "...A story of one man's courage that allowed him to prevail over the many adversities associated with his son's long suffering disease and the complications of his care..."

    "...From daily entries in an appointment diary by a busy professional, husband, father and friend emerges a compelling story of one family's experience with the profound uncertainty occasioned by sudden onset of serious illness..."

    "...This timely work is a must read for any individual, whether a parent, sibling or member of the care delivery team, being present with someone experiencing a terminal illness. I invite you to enter into When We Beat This Thing with an open mind, heart and soul and encounter your own journey of the paradoxes of health-illness, life-Life, chaos and creation!..."