• Your First Visit

    A complimentary appointment is offered to explore your needs and the fit between us for working together. I will discuss my fees with you at that time.

    I will ask you to share with me why you have come and we will go forward from there to see if your needs are something I can help you with.

    Appointments: I am flexible in accommodating your schedule for appointment times as best that I can. If you need to change an appointment time, I will find another time that will work for you as soon as possible in my schedule. If you cancel an appointment in less than 24 hours, I ask that you pay 50% of your regular fee.

    I do not prescribe medication but I work with clients who receive medication from their primary care physician or psychiatrist.

    Information: I need your name, e-mail address, address and telephone number for my records.

    Fees: My fee is $110 - $150 per hour. I have a sliding scale which I can discuss with you at the first meeting if you cannot afford my regular fee. I ask you to pay at each session unless you make other arrangements with me for weekly or monthly payments.

    Insurance: I do not take insurance. I can provide you with statements for use in attempting to gain reimbursement from your insurance or from your health care account. Different employers use different terms for this discretionary spending account.

    HIPPA Notice of Privacy: I do not share any confidential information with anyone concerning your care. If you ask me to send reports of any kind, I will share them with you before they are sent to make certain you are comfortable with what I am sharing.
    This ensures complete confidentiality for your personal information shared with me.